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Children’s book author Caldric Blackwell first realized he loved reading when he read about a bunch of people (with single-syllable names) and their pets (also with single-syllable names) while reading kid’s literature in elementary school. From that point on, he was nearly inseparable from books.

His interest in reading culminated in him studying English at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Exposure to a host of great authors inspired him to begin writing fiction and started his journey to becoming a children’s book author. Although he began writing short stories for adults, he was drawn to the whimsical, imaginative nature of kid’s literature and began working on his first book for children.

Blackwell’s debut kid’s literature offering is an adventure-filled early chapter book, titled The Enchanted River Race, which follows a team of children as they compete in a river race. His next release is the beautifully illustrated picture book The Boy Who Couldn’t Cry Wolf, which revolves around a young werewolf who is self-conscious about his inability to howl.

Children’s book author Caldric Blackwell’s most recent contribution to kid’s literature is the two-part Young Alchemist series, which is targeted at a easy read fantasy audience. The first book in the series, The Missing Alchemist, follows alchemy student Craig Pike and clever archer Audrey Clife as they travel across mysterious lands and battle other-worldly creatures in a quest to rescue a famous alchemist. The second book in the series, The Sacred Artifact, centers on Craig’s attempt to uncover the secrets of a mysterious artifact, which entails journeying to the birthplace of alchemy to seek the advice of a mysterious, ancient alchemist.

When he’s not working on kid’s literature, children’s book author Caldric Blackwell enjoys hiking, gardening, and playing bass and guitar.