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Caldric Blackwell’s The Boy Who Couldn’t Cry Wolf is a beautifully illustrated Kindle picture book that follows the journey of a six-year-old werewolf named Byron Woodward who is unable to howl. Byron lives his life hiding his inability to howl … until he is selected to lead the full-moon ceremony. This children’s picture book lets the reader follow along as Byron tries to learn how to howl before the ceremony.

With imaginative, colorful illustrations by Emma Phillips, this Kindle picture book creates a wonderful experience for the reader. Follow along with Byron as he embarks on a mission to learn to howl, speaking to a variety of interesting characters. Wanting to avoid being embarrassed in front of everyone, Byron does everything he can to learn how to howl in this children’s picture book.

Much like Blackwell’s easy reader book, The Boy Who Couldn’t Cry Wolf is written with simple language that lends itself to reading aloud. In addition to the engaging nature of the plot of this children’s picture book, the story also has an important lesson about self-confidence. Byron learns a lot about howling during his journey, but more importantly, he learns a valuable lesson about having faith in himself. Blackwell’s children’s picture book is available as a Kindle picture book as well as a paperback.

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Reviews of Caldric Blackwell’s Children’s Picture Book

“A touching story with a powerful message…” – The Children’s and Teens’ Book Connection.

“…a wonderful read for a child, with bright illustrations to draw them in, and a clear message that both the child and parent will appreciate.” – author Kirstin Pulioff.

“Well written and charmingly illustrated, The Boy Who Couldn’t Cry Wolf succeeds in helping children see that fear and worry about what others think of us will keep us from being ourselves.” – Frog on a Blog.

“Definitely a recommended addition to your child’s library!” – The Book Lovers’ Lounge.