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The Missing Alchemist (book 1 in the Young Alchemist series) is a middle grade novel by Caldric Blackwell that follows fourteen-year-old alchemy student Craig Pike on a magical quest to rescue his alchemy teacher, Cornelius. Having grown up in an orphanage, Craig appreciates his comfortable life of living in a manor and being a student of Cornelius, a world-renowned alchemist. Craig’s world is turned upside down, however, when Cornelius disappears, and Craig must embark on a risky search to find him.

Easy read fantasy fans will be delighted to follow along with Craig as he teams up with a clever archer, named Audrey Clife, and they journey across mysterious lands and battle otherworldly creatures. Craig and Audrey’s adventure reveals that Cornelius’s kidnapping is only a small part of an evil alchemist’s elaborate grab for power, and the only people standing in his way are Craig and Audrey. It’s a race against time … and the future of alchemy is at stake.

As a middle grade novel targeted at ages 10 to 14, The Missing Alchemist is perfect for easy read fantasy fans who like imaginative, adventurous books filled with mystery, action, and friendship. With a fast-paced plot and lots of action, The Missing Alchemist is an easy read fantasy novel that fans won’t be able to put down.

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Reviews of The Missing Alchemist, an easy read fantasy novel

“…a middle grade novel that adventure-loving and action-loving young readers will devour.” – She Reviews Books.

“Blackwell has written a good fantasy story (plot-wise and reading level) for young middle-grade readers or elementary kids just getting into fantasy.” – This Kid Reviews Books.

“This book of fantasy is certain to be a hit with young readers … a perfect chapter book for ages 8 to 12!” – Rockin’ Book Reviews.